Monday, 10 February 2014 00:00

Extra Curricular Activities Kick-off at SMSIS

At SMSIS, the academic year has begun in earnest and students are well settled in class. This signals the start of the school’s much anticipated teacher led ECA programme which the students are eager to start.

In its mission to instill a love and appreciation for music, arts, culture, and sports, SMSIS offers a wide variety of Extra Curricular Activities  (ECA )such as Cultural Clubs, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Martial Arts and Sports. Extra Curricular Activities complement the school’s academic programme to deliver an all rounded education to students.

These clubs are supervised by competent and skillful teachers whose main goals are to develop the students’ innate skills and talents and to enhance social skills that will influence their choices later on in life and may set a foundation for a life of academic success and progress. By participating and persevering in any of these activities, the students gain a sense of self respect, self esteem, and self confidence. In addition, extracurricular activities give them pride in their accomplishments, and they learn that if an activity is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

ECA Commenced on 8th February 2014 at SMSIS and will end in October with an exciting and fun-filled annual ECA Day that will mark the culmination of various performances and exhibitions from the different clubs.