Wednesday, 08 October 2014 16:20

SMSIS' Camp Rainbow 2014

The Preschool Camp Rainbow was held last 22nd and 23rd of September 2014. The main goal of the camp is to provide opportunities for the students to explore their different multiple intelligences.

The camp is anchored by the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner. He believes that all individuals are intelligent in eight different ways, such as: word smart, number smart, picture smart, people smart, self smart, music smart, body smart and nature smart. In doing so, the camp was designed in such a way that all activities are geared towards promoting and enhancing multiple intelligences.

The camp began with the usual Circle Time routines which is very essential in establishing the rapport among students. Students were also given opportunities to explore different art mediums. This is followed by a brief storytelling puppet show by the Preschool teachers. Students also enhanced their skills in the performing arts by means of a mini music and movement workshop which was presented on the second day of the camp.

To awaken their talents as beginning writers and readers, students wrote their own guided stories and created their own illustrations. As nature smart individuals, students decorated their own plant pots which they used in managing their very own Preschool garden. The camp ended with a giving of certificate of participations and singing the official camp song.

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