Thursday, 03 March 2016 07:48

SMSIS holds Parents’ Orientation Sessions

Seri Mulia Sarjana International School has once again welcomed the new school year by conducting Par-ents’ Orientation sessions on 22nd January 2016 for the Pre School and on 23rd January 2016 for the Primary. These orientation sessions provided the new and current parents and guardians with the general information about the school, its curriculum and other support services. It was also an opportunity for parents to gain better insight of the school as well as to know what to expect this year and to equip themselves for it.


During the orientation, important matters were discussed such as the school’s Vision and Mission, Cam-bridge Curriculum and Framework, Learning Support, Elec-tive Subjects, Assessment and Reporting, CIS and CIE Intro-duction, CCA and ECA, School Activities, Social Media and School App, Security and Safety. The members of Board of Governors and the school’s Organisation Chart were also presented.

Among the new developments discussed were the E-Library, Guidance Programme, Student Council and Parents - Teachers Association. They also had the chance to tour around the school. They were impressed to see the improvements in the school’s facilities and were duly assured of a warm and nurturing learning environment for their children.

The event concluded with an information session conducted by some selected teachers in the classrooms as they discussed  and answered parents’ queries on  Elective Subjects, Assessment/Reporting, Class Schedule, Portfolio, E-Library Card, Student Handbook and Class Schedule, a tour around the school community.

Before they left, the parents and guardians were able to avail of the limited SMSIS car sticker. The day turned out to be a success as happy and satisfied parents reinstated their trust to the school. They were again motivated to become stronger partners of the school in providing a quality education to all its global students.