Tuesday, 10 October 2017 19:37

SMSIS students take on “Leader in Me Camp” 2017

The lower and upper primary students took on board in a three-day camp held recently in Seri Mulia Sarjana International School.

The camp aimed to strengthen the global citizenship and leadership skills. Among these vital skills that were targeted were self-awareness, creative thinking, critical and problem solving, communication, collaboration, responsibility and flexibility. Also, it provided an opportunity for the learners to be engaged in activities to produce confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged student learners.

On its first day, varied outdoor and indoor activities were intensified. The campers kicked off the camp with fun-filled games and greeted their teammates and mentors.

For lower primary campers, a talk about leadership and qualities of a good leader were shared and they were given the opportunity to reflect and share the tasks about the talk as a team.

The second day was jam-packed. The high-spirited campers took part in building the team solidly. Various tasks were carried among the groups such as banner making, hula “go on the go” and “I like to move it” to emphasise the importance of leadership. Each group had to plan strategies, co-operate, communicate strongly with their teammates and establish their teams well. On the last day, the highlight of the activities was the Leader in Me challenge done at Jubilee Park. Equipped with the skills learnt from the previous tasks in school, campers gloriously accomplished the different obstacles in ten stations.

The upper primary campers continued their exciting challenges in the afternoon on its first day. Among these activities were building a home and crossing a hot a river which focused on planning of strategies, survival, and strong communication. On its second day, the children took part in a race which challenged the teams’ solidarity and its members’ leadership skills. They triumphantly surpassed five unprecedented challenges and emerged as winners. In the evening, the campers enjoyed themselves with a BBQ Party and watched movies together with their peers.

The camp ended on a high note with the presentation of their cheering both from lower and upper primary. They were given gold medals for their achievements and for showing how great leader they are to their teams.

SMSIS is very proud of all the campers and looking forward to our future great leaders!

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