Wednesday, 11 October 2017 18:54

SMSIS Students Showcase Swimming Skills in Splash Tourney 2017

Seri Mulia Sarjana International School upper primary students took part and showcased their swimming prowess in Splash Tourney 2017 held recently at the Stadium Pool.

These young and aspiring swimmers headed over to the pool and featured their swimming skills. The students competed in three different categories with varieties of swimming styles learnt from their swimming lessons: Category A -Freestyle, Category B -  Freestyle and Backstroke, wherein both of these categories had elimination rounds of Top 6 according to time, and Category C – Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke.

The event was highlighted by the awarding of the winners. In Category A, for boys, Hannan Uddin placed first followed by Muhammad Haziq Danial Bin Mimi Nazuwan in second place and Aeno Wong Shen in third place. On the other hand, for girls, Princess Faith Ablian got the first place followed by Balqis Natalia Binti Pengiran Kamarul Hansan in second place and Xandrea Feliciano in third place. In Category B, for boys, Adam Bukhari landed in first place while Mike Dupaya in second place and Haqueem Sonny Iskandar in third place. Meanwhile, for girls, Jam Harly Panganiban landed in first place while Geraldine Arianne Gianan Yu in second place and Lindzey Lou Sumanilog in third place. In Category C, for boys, Mateo Herrera achieved first place while Jeremiah Ethan Tan in second place and Marvin Jonathan Cape Santos in third place. Meanwhile, for girls, Elaizah Dyanne Lee Xue Li took the first place while Daphne Moreene Del Rosario Morales in second place and Natasha Jolien De Jesus Acebedo in third place.

One of the main activities was the Team Relay wherein six teams battled. Team Thompson landed first place while Team Phelps in second place and Team Splitz in third place respectively.

Once again, the school proved its mission in enriching the arts and sports. Overall, the swimming competition’s high points were the students’ teamwork and dedication in building themselves to be global citizens.

SMSIS is proud of all our swimmers!