Admission Policy

Seri Mulia Sarjana International School primarily serves the needs of expatriate community in Brunei Darussalam, and by extension, the greater Bruneian community. As such, our admissions procedure will take into account the prospective student’s linguistic background and previous schooling. This is to ensure that students receive age and development appropriate education.

Admission is open to school age children from Kindergarten 1 (3 years old) to Year 6 (11 years old). Students are admitted to the grade level corresponding to their age as of 1st January on the school year of their application. Admission into a year level will take into consideration the applicant’s performance in our pre-assessment and entrance assessment.

The school enforces a fair and non-discriminatory admissions procedure. Admission is open to any qualified applicant regardless of race, nationality, gender, or social background.

Confirmation of Enrollment

Upon confirmation of enrolment, the student shall be required to pay two (2) months advance school fees. This will assure the student a place in the school registry. This advance payment is strictly non-refundable.

Students must have the below requirements in order for SMSIS to confirm their enrollment:

  • Completed enrollment form
  • Three (3) copies of completed BPS 12 form
  • Two (2) passport sized photos of the child
  • Three (3) copies of child’s birth certificate
  • Three (3) copies of the student’s passport – for expatriate students, the passport copies must show the dependent pass stamp or the student visa stamp
  • Three (3) copies of parents’ IC
  • Three (3) copies of the student’s parents’ passport – for expatriate students, the parents’ passport copies must show the dependent or employment pass stamp
  • Three (3) copies of child’s leaving certificate from previous school (if applicable)
  • Three (3) copies of reports that will assist the school in understanding the educational needs of the student, including:
    • Child’s health record (including vaccination/ immunization record)
    • Child’s medical report
    • Child’s school report from previous school (If applicable)
    • Child’s development centre report (If applicable)

Withdrawal from School

Students with the intention to leave the school will need to complete the Notice of Withdrawal form, which can be obtain from SMSIS Administrative Office, and attach a letter stating the intention to withdraw from the school.

The school must be given Two (2) months advanced notice. otherwise, school fees will be charged accordingly should there be insufficient notice given.

Downloadable Forms