Student Support Unit

Guidance and Counselling

The Guidance and Counselling Programme of SMSIS aims to help in the holistic development of the students through various activities, interventions, and positive discipline.

Student Transition Program

In SMSIS we recognized moving to a new school can be exciting and challenging for a student together with his/her parents. This milestone development may bring anxiety and stress to the students if there is no school readiness thus our Student Transition Team creates a purposeful transitions and prepares new student and their parent and/or care giver with resources guidance for a smooth transition process by providing individualized support to let the student become familiar with the new school, create an opportunity to discuss the students’ needs at the same time give reassurance to the students that SMSIS is a safe and friendly learning environment.

Homeroom Programme

Based on values and character formation, the Homeroom Programme has been intensified to make every classroom a global community. The Class Teachers meet their students from Monday to Thursday to explore various topics about health and safety awareness, student-led-conference, and life guidance. Every 25-minute session enables the students to gain self-awareness, empathize with others and value diverse cultures preparing them to become responsible and active global citizens.

Learning Support

Our Student Support Unit provides supplementary teaching for students with learning difficulties in literacy and numeracy.

Learning Differences

This programme is designed to enable the students with special educational needs have access to full curriculum.

English Learners Language Program

This programme accommodates students whose language is not English to assist them acquire and increase their English language proficiency over time.