Life at SMSIS

As an international school in a multicultural society, we value diversity. With 20 nationalities that make up our school community, our students are geared for global citizenship; appreciating diversity in an culture of Brunei Darussalam provides an immersive cultural experience enriching students’ learning while instilling valuable social skills.

As a Cambridge International School, our school runs on the Cambridge Primary Programme – a world-class education programme that engages learners in an active and creative learning journey. All classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboard Technology implemented school-wide across in all levels from Pre-school to Primary.

Our teachers are our best asset. They are as diverse as our students. Most of them are degree qualified, many with Masters degree, but all are equally unfailing in their commitment to deliver quality education. These dedicated professionals provide a positive environment and instill love for learning in our students.

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Students learn in a supportive environment where excellence in all areas is encouraged and individual abilities recognised. We provide an academically rigorous programme to ensure students succeed in any setting life may take them.

This is balanced with extra-curricular activities rich in arts and sciences giving every student the opportunity to excel in their own niche.

Symbolises peace and nobility of Brunei Darussalam.

Symbolises ambition and the zeal to excel.

Symbolises purity of soul and innocence of youth.

Symbolises learning and acquisition of knowledge.

Connotes the leadership quality that the school would like to develop in her students.

Epitomises the aim of the school in giving her students a bright future with the power of knowledge and sound moral values.

School Pledge


We, the students of Seri Mulia Sarjana International School,
will uphold the school philosophy of Patriotism, Values and Excellence
and observe the rules and regulations of school,
be good students and strive for excellence.

We will stand up for truth
and achieve ideals
and dreams.

Education is our hope, academic excellence is our goal.

We will seek constantly to grow in knowledge,
understanding and skills.

We will respect our teachers and friends
and practice patience and courtesy to one and all.

We will be righteous, honest and trustworthy
and show good conduct
and thereby set an example to all others.

We will be obedient to our teachers, loyal and sincere in our approach,
helpful and kind to our juniors.

May the spirit of Loyalty, Patriotism and Devotion
bind us together.

May God help and bless us!

Alma Mater Song


Our School our inspiration
Our guide and our love
Moulding us with care we treasure
Your legacy with pride

Like an ocean pouring wisdom
Different countries gathering as one
Seri Mulia Sarjana International School

Through values, patriotism
Excellence in education
Loyal to his Majesty and country
With grateful heart we thank you

Our home of the wise
In your motto we shall abide
Through your guidance, patience, love and care
Excellence beyond compare

Seri Mulia Sarjana International School