To culminate their first theme, ‘All About Me’, our preschoolers were dressed in their favourite community helper outfits from uniformed personnel and medical practitioners to restauranteurs and teachers during their ‘Preschool Arrival Point: When I Grow Up’ activity.

Before exploring the learning stations, our little preschoolers danced and sang their hearts out during their circle time. Then, they displayed cute poses and wide smiles in front of the camera in a child-friendly designed photo booth.

In their learning sessions, they assembled parts of the human body in a puzzle form which aimed to identify the parts of the body from head to toe. To learn more about family, they had a memory game where our little thinkers needed to flip and match the picture cards of each family member from parents to relatives. A group of students namely Aliya of KG1B, Wafiq of KG1C and Ayaaz of Year 3D volunteered to bring their pet cats, rabbits and hamsters as part of the learning activity in feeding and petting pets.

The programme ended on a high note with our community helpers enjoying and sharing their favourite food and drinks.

It was a brilliant and wonderful day for our preschoolers to enjoy and learn about this memorable ‘Preschool Arrival Point: When I Grow Up’ activity together with their friends and teachers!